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Thank You Bertha D. Torres. Central Avenue Will Not Be The Same Without You.

Bertha D. Torres, 64, a proud resident of Jersey City and beloved owner of La Concha Restaurant on Central Avenue, died on Tuesday, April 16. She owned and operated the restaurant for nearly 30 years and was an icon in the community. [Read More]

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"Pay by App Parking" Now on Central Ave!

Its here! ParkMobile has arrived on Central Ave, Jersey City. Motorists now have the choice of paying for parking the traditional way (drop a coin) or smartphones (credit card). Download the app now to make your next drive to our shopping district that much more convenient. Thanks to Mayor Steven Fulop and Business Administrator Brian Platt for welcoming the technology to our city while maintaining the simplicity of traditional meter parking.

New CASID Annual Report Is Now Available

New on Central Avenue, Jersey City

  • Smart Wireless

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Development and Infrastructure Improvements along Central Avenue

Creative Placemaking on Central Avenue

CASID has commissioned new traffic box artwork by artist Kirk Seese called "Home 1" and "Candy Anyone?" at the intersection of Central/ Bowers Street and Central/ Franklin Street. Our organization is very excited about this addition to our outdoor art gallery. This is creative placemaking at its best and we thank our partners on this project including the City of Jersey City, and the Hudson County Office of Cultural Affairs.

Creative placemaking has become important to the experience and benefits of shopping local. Public art, in its many forms, can rejuvenate a neighborhood when done correctly. It brings new energy and vibrancy to neighborhoods. It also can make Central Avenue a fun place to visit. CASID’s art initiatives have grown out of the belief that creative placemaking contributes to the economic and cultural vitality of neighborhoods. [Read More]

Recent Events in the District:

SID Teams up with CDS to clean-up Central

CASID continues to coordinate with Jersey City and Commercial District Services LLC (CDS) to get Central Avenue's streetscape back into shape. The City's limited staff is often busy managing the 43 litter baskets in the district and cannot consistently address the other maintenance needs in the district. As such, Central Avenue businesses and commercial property owners (via their SID program) have hired CDS to help out. CDS will in the district just a few days per month to clean our 133 light poles, remove weeds/ light landscaping, painting our curbs, painting our bus stops, and give our main thoroughfare some much needed TLC. While marchants continue to sweep their own sidewalks, CDS staff will be in the district to do the tough stuff. [See Report]

Jersey City's Ban on Disposable Plastic Bags